Week 13 ~ That’s a Wrap

As this trimester draws to a long-awaited close, I thought I would reflect on what I’ve learnt over the last 12 weeks after conducting an in depth analysis on Noam Kroll’s blogging techniques. Back in week 2 I hoped that I would be able to identify and furthermore utilise some of Kroll’s techniques and I’m definitely not disappointed coming to end of this.

There is no doubt that Kroll uses countless techniques that have assisted him in not only establishing a strong online presence but also maintaining one as well. He makes his blog look extremely professional by having a clear navigation bar as spoken about in my previous blog post, has accessible links to his social media pages and gives valuable advice through both verbal and non-verbal mediums just to name a few.

Overall, I strongly believe that the last 12 weeks have been extremely beneficial in terms of how I should be presenting myself online. Noam Kroll is very intelligent and definitely knows how to capture an audience while keeping them coming back for more. His techniques are simple yet genius and furthermore he is amazing at what he does within the film industry today. I have learnt a lot from Noam Kroll and despite not having to read his blog from this point onwards, I will most likely still read it from time to time to gain more insight. While his techniques are very simple, they are extremely efficient and are definitely strategies I will look to implement into my own blogs in the near future. Bye for now.




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