Week 11 ~ Blog Navigation

It has only occurred to me now just how easy it is to navigate Noam Kroll’s blog. His blog as a whole is extremely well thought out in terms of the layout and where specific things are. What makes it so easy, is the simplicity that Kroll has incorporated into his blog.

To go more in depth, he has efficiently set up a navigation bar which is broken up into several tabs, making it extremely easy to navigate certain aspects of his blog. Furthermore, Kroll has implemented a search bar, so that if readers cannot find something within the navigation bar, or if they want to find something more specific, they can find the relevant information by using this. This technique is extremely effective, beneficial and is a tool I have not seen many other bloggers take advantage off.


Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.33.07 PM


Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.32.47 PM

I believe that the amount of professionalism a blog showcases is somewhat dependent on whether or not it is easy to navigate and Kroll has nailed the navigation side of things. I have always struggled to find a suitable layout for my blog/website and looking at Kroll’s blog, it has made me realise that simple is more effective. Overall, I will look to incorporate similar navigation techniques into my own blog, in order to make it look more presentable and create a sense of professionalism.



Noam Kroll. 2017. Retrieved from http://noamkroll.com





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